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Kirtizlar flour mill
Our flour mill was established in 1988 with the production capacity of 90 m/tons per day and soon after obtaining a remarkable market share and trustworthy , the company was reorganized in 1995 to improve company workings under the name of : KIRTIZLAR UN FABRIKASI TARIM SANAYI VE TURIZM TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI.

A broad study was done in 1996 for the new technology in milling industry.All of the out of date machineries were disassembled and new machineries were purchased and installed in the mill to improve both the quality and production of flour . Constructions of new buildings were completed for grain storage and bagged flour warehouse and the capacity was increased from 90 tons/day to 250 tons/day which enables us to meet our customers requirement for timely delivery and quality of the production.

Today , there are 11 different products being produced in our flour mill both for the domestic market and also for the international market and we deliver our production to end-users by the chain of our wholesellers and dealers.

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